Most frequent scam methods by cybercriminals that you should be aware of 

In their purpose to steal your money and identity, cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to make you fall for their scams. Here are various of their most popular practices: 

Phishing attacks  

Is it advisable to click on an email, even when we are unsure who sent it to us?   

Cybercriminals have developed the skill of making emails appear to come from legitimate entities such as banks, government agencies, and companies. Learn to recognize these types of fraudulent emails as they collect your personal and financial information and infect your devices with viruses.   

AeroTip: Make it a routine to read the domain of the email or message received.   

Imposter scams  

Cybercriminals can find out who you are if you have children, siblings, and closest friends. When you are a good person, it is natural that when you receive a call or notification that your loved one is asking for a transfer, you want to help them. Hackers have refined their tactics to know their victims; they exploit the information you post on the internet, particularly on social networks, to their advantage. 

AeroTip: When you receive such a notification, don’t take the situation they present for granted and validate that the person they are impersonating has contacted you. 

You have won  

If you receive a message congratulating you on winning an iPad, the lottery, or any other promise that asks for information in return, the way to win here is to ignore the message.   

AeroTip: Ignore messages that promise gifts that you don’t remember signing up to participate in.   

Tech support scams 

If you get a call from a supposed tech support representative offering to help you fix a problem you didn’t even know you had, or providing unsolicited tech support, say thank you and goodbye! Likewise, if you receive an email pop-up notification alerting you to an “urgent” problem you need to attend to on your computer, ignore it! Hackers usually use a non-existent problem to gain remote access to your computer and bank account.   

AeroTip: If your computer hasn’t crashed, it doesn’t need fixing! Ignore these approaches.   

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The devices we provide at AeroNet come programmed to battle for your online security. AeroMesh WiFi devices give you more control over your household members’ internet usage and browsing. Some of its features:   

Real-time data security  

Permanent digital security for all devices on your network. It filters suspicious activity and even automatically quarantines devices that behave strangely. The system also includes integrated ad blocking for smoother browsing.   

Parental Controls   

The AeroMesh WiFi knows that children’s Internet safety is of paramount importance, but unless you have eyes in the back of your head, there’s not much you can do to control a child’s increasingly online life. With HomePass®, you can set age-appropriate content filters and block or approve specific websites. Schedule Internet usage time or freeze specific devices to create healthy usage levels or give an instant timeout to all devices assigned to your child.   

Measurable results for your cybersecurity   

Our mobile app details every threat it blocks from reaching your devices, with active protection against crypto mining, ransomware, malware, viruses, botnets, and phishing attacks. User profiles allow you to set parameters for content and page access for children.   

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