DNA EN-100

Learn how AeroNet’s DNA service can improve your connectivity.

In an increasingly connected world, connectivity is essential for our daily activities at home or work. However, internet connection disruption can be a source of frustration and stress. Therefore, AeroNet has developed an innovative solution to ensure constant and uninterrupted business connectivity: DNA (Dual Network Access).

What is the DNA service?

DNA is a redundancy solution that uses two different and dedicated internet connections, through fiber optics and microwave, to guarantee constant connectivity. With higher availability than any other redundancy service, worrying about data loss or service interruption due to some unexpected event is a thing of the past. If one internet connection goes down, the other goes up seamlessly, which means you’ll have actual redundancy in your business.

Why choose the DNA service?

This service is the perfect solution for those who need a robust and reliable redundancy service. In today’s business world, stable connectivity is essential for the success of your business. DNA is the perfect solution to ensure a constant and uninterrupted connection, allowing you to carry out your business operations without worries.

Here are just a few benefits that DNA service provides:

Constant connectivity: With two different and dedicated internet connections, AeroNet’s DNA service ensures continuous and uninterrupted connectivity.

Fast connection speed: This service offers a fast and reliable internet connection, allowing you to run your business operations efficiently.

Downtime reduction: With the technology behind the DNA service, downtime is significantly reduced, meaning you’ll never have to worry about data loss or service interruption.

Advanced internet solution: This uses advanced technology to ensure a constant and uninterrupted connection, seamlessly switching from one to another, prioritizing the online activity necessary for the success of your business.

If you’re tired of interruptions in your internet connection, AeroNet’s DNA service is the perfect solution for your business.

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