Fiber and Hybrid Solutions to Keep Up with the Speed of Business

AeroFiber fusions Fiber and Hybrid infrastructure’s best for enterprises requiring high-speed, scalable, and reliable performance at an affordable price. Featuring cutting-edge fiber technology, AeroFiber offers businesses the required bandwidth to support today’s applications and tomorrow’s bandwidth requirements with a scalable, future-proof solution.


Dedicated fiber & hybrid connection,
turnkey integration.


100Gbps Fiber Backbone Network supports
current and future connectivity needs.


99.99% uptime! Your connection
and business are SOLID.*

High-Performance Fiber Network.

AeroFiber is ideal for medium to large enterprises requiring faster performance for demanding applications, such as cloud computing, video conferencing, voice-over IP, and video. We’re here to help you get online so that you can run your business faster and smartly.

  • Simple, cost-effective solutions to your high-speed connectivity needs.
  • Your business will experience 99.9% uptime guaranteed and ultra-high throughput.
  • Prevent costly downtime with a high-speed internet connection.
  • Instantly upgrade your network infrastructure. Increase productivity with speeds up to 2 Gbps or higher.

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Symmetric Download
and Upload Speeds

Scalable Speeds

Industry Leading
SLA 99.99%

Simple Installations

Disruptive Pricing!

Our mission is to provide faster, reliable connectivity at a reasonable cost.
With the right solution, your business will have a connectivity edge over others.


Fully Symmetrical
Dedicated Connection
Unlimited Download




Fully Symmetrical
Dedicated Connection
Unlimited Download




Fully Symmetrical
Dedicated Connection
Unlimited Download



2.5Gbps *New

Fully Symmetrical
Dedicated Connection
Unlimited Download



Prices are valid from January 1, 2022. Certain restrictions may apply to current customers. If you’re looking for internet speeds faster than 2.5 Gbps, please call our Sales Department at (787) 273-4143 or contact us online for a custom quote.

Invest in Fiber.

Invest in your Business.

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Increase reliability, grow your business, stay connected. Armed with years of experience in the industry, AeroNet has been bringing high-speed connectivity solutions to businesses since 2001. For all your telecom needs, we offer reliable high-speed internet for companies.  

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*Claim based on internet service delivered utilizing fiber optic technology. Product available throughout Puerto Rico in AeroNet’s fiber network and a third partner network. The installation fee does not include any construction costs if required. All connectivity services will be delivered with a demarcation device that’s included. This equipment is only for demarcation purposes and will not be activated as a router. The estimated service installation time is between 60-120 days. Fiber Optic services require a 36-month agreement.