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AeroNet’s Dual Net Access (DNA) redundancy service is tailored to your business, providing a reliable, stable, dedicated, and ALWAYS ON connection. Contracting multiple internet service providers is unnecessary to achieve your required reliability. AeroNet utilizes independent internet providers to offer redundancy and the highest dedicated internet connection quality.

Dual Internet Connection

DNA is an integrated dedicated solution that connects your company to the internet using fiber and microwave technology, providing high availability with a dual connection path.


How does it work?

At AeroNet, we understand that constant, dedicated, and uninterrupted connectivity is essential in today’s business world.

The DNA service is a redundancy service that uses two dedicated internet connections, with different technologies, to ensure constant and uninterrupted connectivity. If one internet connection goes down, the other seamlessly picks up, ensuring continuity in your operations.


Benefits provided by the DNA service:


With two different dedicated internet connections, AeroNet’s DNA service ensures constant and uninterrupted connectivity.

Fast Connection

This service offers a fast and reliable dedicated internet connection, allowing you to execute your business operations efficiently.


With the technology behind the service, downtime is significantly reduced, meaning you will never have to worry about data loss or service interruption.

Advanced Internet

A constant and uninterrupted dedicated connection that seamlessly switches from one network to another, prioritizing the success of your business.

Why choose AeroNet's DNA service?

This service is the perfect solution for those who need a dedicated, robust, and reliable redundancy service. In today’s business world, stable connectivity is fundamental to the success of your business. DNA is the perfect solution to ensure constant and uninterrupted connection, allowing you to carry out your business operations worry-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

DNA provides your business with an integrated and dedicated dual connection through microwave and optical fiber. If the primary internet connection goes down, the second one automatically kicks in, ensuring continuity in your operations. This maximizes the availability of your network, leveraging the strengths of both technologies during any event; it provides resilience and minimizes interruptions to your business.

DNA combines two different technologies: optical fiber and fixed wireless (microwave).

The service includes a Mikrotik router that automatically switches (failover) from one circuit to another in case of any eventuality. Need more capacity and features? Ask one of our Account Executives for more advanced Meraki or Fortinet solutions.

If the service to be installed is by antenna, the installation takes between 7 and 10 business days. If we are installing optical fiber, it takes between 30 and 60 business days. The delivery time for optical fiber can vary if any additional construction work is needed.

If additional construction is required to install the optical fiber, AeroNet may contribute to some costs. However, each case is unique, so we evaluate construction needs individually to offer you the best possible solution.

For the redundancy service, both for the fiber network and the IP connection, we use a third party completely independent from the AeroNet network. This ensures the maximum effectiveness of our DNA service. If the customer has a specific preference, we can evaluate to verify the viability of that option.

Yes, it is possible to have different speeds! At AeroNet, we customize each solution to fit your needs, quoting each case individually.

Absolutely! However, it may require a contract renewal, and/or an upgrade fee may apply.

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