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How does it work?

We install our BoatFi enabled router at the high point in your vessel. A data cable drop is left in a convenient spot inside, allowing you to connect your laptop or router and spread the Wi-Fi signal to all your devices. Add our AeroMesh Managed Router for better WIFI connectivity and range, starting a $9.95.

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Meraki G41

Maximize your Boat Experience

Choose any of our add-ons to take your boating life to the next level.

Standard Wi-Fi Router

Robust Wi-Fi performance easily connects all the devices in a specific range of coverage.

AeroMesh Wi-Fi Router

Have a bigger boat? Improve your boat’s Wi-Fi connection, eliminate dead spots and enjoy more consistent coverage in every corner of your boat.


Practical and cost-effective option for boat telephone. If you want a telephone line separate from your mobile phone, your internet connection has plenty of convenience and savings.

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